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Barthelmes Brand was created to fill a void in the space between traditional advertising agencies and freelancers — an alternative for busy brand managers and an affordable professional option for small business owners. With expertise in brand development, brand support and all areas of creative campaign development and strategic design — Barthelmes Brand provides brand leadership and helps solve business problems for clients of all sizes.
Our services and capabilities.
Brand Development  Be memorable. Stand apart from the crowd. 
Brand development is the foundation of our business and a developed brand should be the focus of yours. Every touch-point you have with your customers flows from your Brand Strategy and Development. And a well-tended brand will have every brand touch-point harmonizing and putting forth the same look, messages and essence.
Aspects of Brand Development include: Brand identity / logo development, brand style & usage guide, message writing, business system design and naming
Brand Design  What’s a good first impression worth?
Brand design is not decoration or an afterthought of Brand Development, but an integral part. Brand design is by definition, strategic. Your brand’s design should clearly harmonize with the brand and design elements should support the brand personality.
Some of the aspects of Brand Design include: Brand graphics, sales collateral, direct mail, point-of-sale, environments, trade shows, catalogs and packaging
Integrated Campaigns  Are all your marketing efforts supporting the brand?
Integrated marketing communications creates a unified and seamless brand experience across all channels. Simply put, your website & your tradeshow design­—your sales collateral & advertising—every element of your marketing communications should work in harmony to support and build your brand. Barthelmes Brand can help your organization achieve this ideal. We’ll begin with a thorough audit of all your materials and follow with a plan to solidify your brand.
Online Marketing  What is your online marketing strategy?
Your website and online marketing should have a primary objective. To generate new leads, to promote a person or product, to sell more goods and services. And of course, it should represent your brand in the best possible way. Your website is often your strongest connection with your audience…give it the attention it deserves.
We build websites and online campaigns that help you do all of the above. Let us build website and campaign to deliver on your strategy  and crucially, it will also be a harmonious part of your branded marketing.
Think Small  Let us help you with your brand, design and marketing needs.
Let’s do big things together. Barthelmes Brand can help you with Manuals, Sell sheets, Brochures, Posters, Newsletters, Logos, Letterhead, Business Cards, Signs, Catalogs, Billboards, Banners, E-mail marketing, Social campaigns and marketing, E-books, Digital publications, Websites, Landing pages, Direct mail, Invitations, Trade shows, Copy writing, Photography, Video
Let us help you with…
Sell sheets
Business Cards
E-mail marketing
Digital publications
Landing pages
Direct mail
Trade shows
Copy writing